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october, 25 2020
3 photos of today's date

placa de nom de carrer
Sant Adrià de Besòs (Catalonia)
Foto: mclaret
366 dates    1156 cities    2066 streets    50 countries

october sunday fall
(northern hemisphere)
and weekend
2 photos of the current month
4 photos of the weekday.
9 photos of the seasons plaques
a single photo of the weekend plaques
placa de nom de carrer
placa de nom de carrer
placa de nom de carrer
placa de nom de carrer

52 streets of months 14 streets of days of the week 37 streets of seasons 2 (other, of the week)
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The aim was twofold. And both have been achieved. On the one hand we wanted to achieve 366 dates of calendar filled with photos of street plates, squares, avenues, parks, ... that the name refers to a date. The second goal was to incorporate all the plates in Catalonia with the same criteria. To achieve the second objective we have relied on data from the INE of 2010. It is clear that new streets may appear in the same way that others can be replaced. We go in search of the first, if applicable, and keep the other.

The project is participatory. To better understanding,
you can click on any date of the calendar. You'll see all photos of plaques that we have with that date.
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